Hello! This is Hana (pronounced “Hah-nah”). She was Raggedy Ann for Halloween!

UPDATE: Hana is living at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford with an implanted Berlin Heart to help her bridge the time waiting until she gets a heart transplant.

This is the beginning of this story:
Hana was born in August of 2014 in San Francisco.


On Wednesday, February 11th we took her to Kaiser in San Francisco to get a cough checked out. The cough had started around Christmas and at that time, just sounded like she was clearing her throat. But in the two weeks before her doctor’s visit it had worsened. She still only coughed a few times a day, but sometimes she coughed enough that she would gag and even vomit.

This is Hana on Sunday.


This is Hana on Monday, while we walked along the Bay at Crissy Field.


This is a picture of Hana on Tuesday.


This is Hana on Wednesday at UCSF hospital.


Hana has an enlarged heart and her left ventricle is not pumping blood effectively. The most likely outcome is that she will need a heart transplant.

A friend of mine has set up a fundraising page:

If you would like to help us out with chores (washing bottles, holding Hana, preparing milk for feedings), errands, meals, etc. there is a website to sign up:
THANK YOU! We really appreciate it! Even half an hour of help makes a huge difference.

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