Breathing Tube Is Out

Around 3pm they took Hana’s breathing tube out. It seemed to go smoothly except the head gear that keeps her mask on her face. But that’s somewhat minor. I heard her little weak cry! After a while she stopped belly breathing and started to look more relaxed. Then about 30 minutes later they started high flow (I can’t tell you specifically what that means) with the nasal cannula. So far so good, but we’ll know more about how she tolerates it in the next couple of hours.


6 thoughts on “Breathing Tube Is Out

  1. Thank God for this blessing!! Kathleen, I’m so happy to hear this news, God will continue to deliver and take care of your baby girl and you and Paul. My prayers are with you all. Stay strong and put all your trust in Him! God bless you and your beautiful family. We love you all!!

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