February 20th Plan

Hana had a good night. Her heart rate is still pretty low but they are watching it carefully and so far everything else looks ok. When her heart rate is a little higher they will start her on beta blockers. For her breathing support, they will continue to wean her flow and hopefully get her on low flow (I think this is what it’s called) by tomorrow. They will wean her dopamine today too. The optimal plan, I suppose, is still to get her on oral medications and bring her home. There is still a slim enough chance that her heart could recover (although probably with decreased function), so we need to give that a try. But the next few days or week might tell us more if that is a possibility or if we need to get a Berlin heart for her or continue to keep her heart until a transplant heart becomes available.

Hana was quite active this morning! We sang and showed her toys. Maybe today we can even hold her.


9 thoughts on “February 20th Plan

  1. Sooooo happy to receive this news! Prayers are strong and so is she!!!! I am thrilled to see those beautiful eyes! I sincerely hope you get to hold her for a while soon… You both need it! Love, peace, prayers, and continued healing sweet Hana!


  2. She is so beautiful!!! Sorry I been in lala land or I would of sent something sooner! Hana and your family are in my prayers. Keep up your strength and I know she is as strong as you she will keep fighting.

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  3. I just love her big eyes. Babies do not think on an analytical level, so feeling the things you have written, Kathleen, are not possible. She will not remember any of this, and the bond between mother and child was formed in her first six weeks of life. Nothing can break that bond once it is made. You will instinctually do the right thing without much thought because you love her so much. Just follow your heart!! Babies are also driven by their five senses, so as long as she can hear you, smell you, see you and feel your touch, she will be comforted. The miracle has already begun. She is already beating the odds. Love and hugs!!!!

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