A Teething Day

It turned out to be a teething day. I’ve heard some children teethe with no problems, but this was not Hana when her first two teeth came in and it wasn’t her today. On top of that she can’t really get in the comfortable position she wants to be in. We spent all day trying to entertain her with toys, singing, books, whatever worked – until it didn’t. One doctor called it a “puppet show.” I’m pretty exhausted, as I would be with a teething baby. But overall, things were better today (even with a tough morning). I’ll take it!

They stopped the high flow and gave her a regular nasal cannula (I hope I’m saying these things right). They increased her feeds (poor thing was so hungry and trying to suck on everything!). They are continuing to give her Tylenol and Ativan. I got out of the hospital for a short drive to downtown Palo Alto to quickly pick some photos at Walgreens. I taped the pictures up in her room. They make me happy to see them!





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