February 28th

Hana is much like her normal self today. She still may be overtired from lack of sleep (two babies in our room cried most of the night) but she seems to have an easier time sleeping through the noise than me. I do think she is really bored with this hospital bed.
Today’s plan is to supplement sodium because it is still low. The attending doctor yesterday was opposed to this so now it makes me nervous that today’s attending doctor wants to start it. They are decreasing her Ativan by 10%. They are starting her on a beta blocker, carvedilol. They are keeping everything else the same as yesterday. She did have a high heart rate/arrhythmia but since it went way down when she is resting, they don’t seem terribly concerned. She didn’t really gain any weight yesterday and we need her to gain it, she’s lost about a pound since all this started (she only weighed 15 pounds). She also needs to prove she can gain weight before being discharged. Yesterday the occupational therapist came by and she made sure Hana could take a bottle and swallow safely. So, today we will again give her a 1oz bottle (yes, she took the bottle, no problem!). They drew blood for genetic testing, we won’t have results for two months.

We got a cottage yesterday here in Palo Alto. That will help Paul do work remotely and avoid trips all the way into the city. It’s a beautiful space, we are very lucky! I started opening more care packages and cards and started crying – a lot, so I had to stop. More on this later…




5 thoughts on “February 28th

  1. Love these pics! She really is improving! Again, sorry the sleep is so hard to come by. It will all be the sweeter when you get home! Still praying for that day and all the ones after! Love, peace and prayers!!!


  2. Kat, I’ve been following since the first day and have prayed and had you in my thoughts every day. I believe these prayers from all of us are working. The last few days are looking promising and I know that must be a blessing to you and Paul. Even though it has been a bad nightmare you guys are not alone and we are supporting you and sending our love and best wishes. I’m Matt Pentin’s mom and looking forward to walking on the beach again with you and Hana.

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  3. So sweet! Love the pics and happy that she is her normal self. Hana is a fighter! She will gain that weight in no time! 🙂 Hoping that you get some quality and so needed sleep too and looking forward to more good news tomorrow! Have a good night!

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