A Long Week

Yesterday we had three appointments – pediatric ophthalmology, dietician, and immunization. The ophthalmology appointment was over two hours, or I should say, we were there for two hours. Hana threw up in the waiting room all over herself, my shirt and inside the diaper bag (the rest I caught with a towel in the diaper bag). A lady nearby offered help, which was nice, but the vomit wasn’t projectile so it wasn’t so bad. Hana doesn’t seem to do well with feedings and car rides. The end result was that the doctor is ordering that she wear an eye patch over her good eye for one hour every day to force her other eye to work a little harder. She has a hemangioma on one eyelid, which is causing a slight astigmatism in that eye.

Then I talked to the dietician about changing up her feeding. We are going to try a bunch of new formulas to see if one of them is easier on her stomach then Pregestimil which is what the hospital sent us home with (and then Kaiser sent us thirty-some cans of the awful smelling stuff). We are also going to reduce her night time continuous feeds to 360mL over seven and a half hours. We are going to start trying to introduce solids foods twice a day since Hana is so behind on eating solid foods. It is important to try a new food every two to three days.

The last appointment was to get Hana’s rotavirus shot since that is the one they didn’t give her before leaving the hospital because they gave her MMR vaccine instead. When I got to the injection clinic they said she didn’t need to shot, that she already got two and that is all that is needed. After a good amount of confusion, a phone call to Stanford, an attempted phone call to UCSF to see what type of rotavirus shot they gave her, it was decided that she did not need the rotavirus vaccine, she was covered and up to date on all her immunizations.

So all in all we had seven appointments this week. It has been a long week. We’ve had a lot of amazing help but we’ve also started to manage on our own, which is going okay. Sometimes it is crazy and hectic and stressful and I wish another person were there to come running with their extra set of hands, but it all eventually works out. This coming week my goal is to get outside every day, maybe even twice a day and to start getting Hana doing more regular seven-month old baby things! For now, I’m exhausted and I feel like I could sleep for ten hours (for me, that’s a lot!).

Happy Easter!




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