Weight Check

Today was our first day since we changed out the NG tube. So far, no leaks except when Hana grabbed it during a feeding and pulled the feed bag tube out of her NG tube port. Oh well, I imagine those things will happen more and more often as she gets older.

Today was also the first time in four days that Hana vomited. She vomited twice, although not too much each time. Both times she was getting her clothes changed and both times she’d had half a bolus feed, which was currently paused. The second time was worse, she was fresh out of the bath, no diaper yet and vomit came out of her nose (as well as her mouth). She recovered quickly and then we played awhile before bed.

We had a weight check and a feeding specialist appointment today. I am sad to report that she did not gain any weight again this week. She will have another weight check next Wednesday. If she does not gain weight by then, we will probably have to increase the volume of fortified breastmilk she gets. This puts the pressure on me to produce more, since I am just barely keeping up.

The feeding specialist appointment wasn’t terribly successful. She did okay with a teething cracker but the purée and the bottle or cup was worse than last week. Later in the day I had her watch a YouTube video of a baby eating and then I had her try some broccoli/Apple purée. She actually had a few bites. We tried again in the evening with cauliflower. I gave her a soft cauliflower floret which she put in her mouth and did okay with. She also took a few bites of the purée too. I did haver to blow a lot of bubbles to distract her when she got upset.

We will try again tomorrow. I’m also trying to get more serious about teaching Hana some sign language. I need to get better at using the signs I know. Today we worked on diaper, water, sit, stand, up, finished, hungry, spoon, food, bath and clean. Maybe we can get to a point where Hana can tell us how she is feeling or what is going on with her so we can better help her.

Here are a few NG-tube-free photos:





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