A Vomity Good Day

Today, Hana slept late, which gave me time in the morning. I finally woke her up at 8am and I took her and Poppy for a jog. It was a beautiful, warm morning. It was a good way to start the day. Later, we got to go to the park and I took Hana to the swings, which she liked (until her NG tube port opened and leaked water all over the place, that was no fun). She spent a lot of time squirming around on the floor, any day she will start to crawl! We even got to go on a short, very windy evening walk too.

Unfortunately, she also vomited three times. The first time was about a minute after I gave her morning meds. I got her into the bathroom and most of it went into the tub. Then I had to call Stanford and we decided to redose her Enalapril and Carvedilol. She had only had a 60mL bolus feed so far, but I guess it is still too much for her stomach in the morning. The second time was later in the afternoon and it wasn’t much more than spit up, but I thought it was going to be her whole feed. The third time was before her evening bath when she vomited, what looked like, her entire 140 mL feed. Paul was holding her in the kitchen. That made me the saddest, because I think of all those calories she needs to gain weight that she will not be getting.

Despite all this, Hana seemed in really good spirits, so it felt like a good day. Also, we didn’t have any help today. I should clarify that. We actually had lots of help today – a friend left an amazingly delicious dinner on our doorstep at 7am, our dogsitter voluntarily came by to walk Poppy and our new housecleaner came by in the afternoon to clean the house. Other than that amazing help, we were able to manage everything else on our own. We are so lucky to have so many amazing people in our lives. Also, thank you Amazon, for having all the things I need delivered to my doorstep, since I really don’t get a chance to get to the store any more.

I will say, I am worried about the vomiting. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Hana seemed gaggy all day. I’m going to try meds first, then a half her bolus feed over an hour. Maybe that will help. Other than that, I guess I need to do a better job at keeping her upright, although it seems unfair not to give her more time to explore and exercise on the floor like babies need. I’m sure I can find a way.



One thought on “A Vomity Good Day

  1. I always had to keep Michael upright and fairly still after eating when he was little or he would spit up – until he was almost 2 (nothing like what you have to deal with, I’m sure, but it still was a nice little mess, especially once he started food – partially digested peas always smell nice in the rug! Lol!). At one point, I started keeping him in his seat for 1/2 hour after eating when I could…either entertaining him with books/toys or putting a video on my laptop for him. At that point, I was not so fond of putting little ones in front of the TV (or videos, whatever)…but I’m over that one! Lol! My boys have actually learned a ton from videos like Leapfrog. Elmo, Little Einsteins, Leapfrog, etc. Sometimes it helped. Might be worth a try? Prayers and hugs 🙂

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