HaHaHa Hats!

It was a good day! You know what that means? It means no vomiting. Oh, and she drank more than an ounce from the bottle! I didn’t do much today so that made it easier, perhaps. I should rephrase that. I did A LOT, but I didn’t try to go out or do anything “extra”. The only “breaks” I take are to pump and that doesn’t really count, especially when I am trying to entertain a baby at the same time. I will say that one thing that makes pumping and entertaining a baby at the same time are Baby Signing Time DVDs. These came as a gift in the mail from a college friend and a few other undisclosed gift givers (thank you!). They are really great. Hana loves watching the kids and cartoons and hearing the songs and I get a review of the signs to help incorporate into our daily dialogue (when I have a free hand, of course).

In other news related to gift giving from unknown sources, Hana received two hats from an Etsy shop – YumbabY. I have no idea who bought them and had them sent. We took one of the hats for a spin on our evening walk. The other one we tried out when we got back. The second one made me laugh and laugh and Hana started laughing too! Thank you! I hope you enjoy the pictures!






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