Back to Stanford

Hana has been sick, likely a stomach virus with vomiting and diarrhea. It started Sunday when she started vomiting. Coincidentally, my parents and one of my sister’s arrived that same day for a visit. Paul is getting over a stomach virus and now I also have it, so thank goodness we have the extra help.
The folks at Stanford are worried about Hana being dehydrated and keeping her Meds down, so that’s why they want to see her. They also told me to pack an overnight bag in case she is admitted. I hope they let me stay with her since I’m so sick myself!


4 thoughts on “Back to Stanford

  1. sorry to hear that all of you are not feeling well. Keep your chins up, you are doing a great job with Hana and keep us posted when you have time about your visit to Stanford.

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  2. Oh, dear. We have been sick and dehydrated as well. Hana looks so tiny and vulnerable. It is so frustrating to be sick when you most want to care for your child. I share this experience. Sending love and prayers to all of you. xoxo


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