Discharging Today

All of a sudden, we are being discharged! Paul is not even here yet with the car seat, so we are just hanging out in the room, luckily they do not need the room.
Last night was actually a bit restless. Hana vomited twice and I requested they put her back on half Pedialyte and breastmilk. I was feeling awful too so I imagined she was not feeling well either. They did make the switch but then the pediatric cardiology fellow that was on that night said to switch it back and give her one more hour to see if she vomited again. He wanted to see if she could push through so we could go home today. He’s the same doctor who was on call when all of this started on Sunday night. She didn’t vomit again but she did sit up in bed several times and coughed and heaved like she was going to.
I didn’t get much sleep but I’m glad to be going home.
Here are two remarkable things – Hana’s regular heart failure/transplant cardiologist said it was remarkable that she had gone eight months without having to be hospitalized, most kids are back for one thing or another. The other cardiologist on the heart failure team who attended to Hana while here said her heart did remarkably well in dealing with the gastroenteritis and subsequent dehydration. I am so thankful and feel incredibly lucky. Thank you to everyone’s continued support!
Hana is ready to go home. She is bored and ready to be set free from this room!


3 thoughts on “Discharging Today

  1. Prayers heal, I truely believe. She is a trooper. So glad to hear Good News! Keep it Coming! Sending good vibes and prayers….


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