Extubation Today

They are going forward with extubation today. We (me, Paul, my mom) are very nervous about it. The medical team seems not to be nervous but very prepared. They are giving one dose of a steroid as a precaution because Hana had a restless night (and so far, day) and may have irritated her airway. They do not want any more swelling to occur once they take that tube out. It should happen around 5 or 6 this evening!


4 thoughts on “Extubation Today

    1. You don’t know me but your cousin Jen is a friend of ours. We are praying constantly for Hana every day and we’re sure God hears us because we’re practically driving him crazy. We have 6 grandchildren and two are little girls around Hana’s age and we can imagine what you are going through, so we are praying for you too. Jayna Ifft is my daughter-in-law and keeps us informed every day. God bless you!


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