As I’m writing this, Hana is four hours post-extubation. That first 4-6 hours are the critical ones where you want to make sure they can handle it. Hana did beautifully. Everything was looking great. The nurse set us up so we could hold her (there is a spaghetti mess of wires and tubes). We haven’t held Hana in eleven days! 

But soon after, Hana’s withdrawal symptoms started. Hana chewed through a lot of drugs used to sedate her while intubated. Then they shut them off or reduced them for extubation and this can cause painful drug withdrawal. They gave her morphine. Then the fellow came and gave her ketamine. Then they increased her Ativan. They are also going to start risperidone. Hana has been thrashing and bucking in our arms. She’s been letting out her raspy weak cry. She disconnected her medline and her oxygen. She scratched her face. She doesn’t want her pacifier anymore. It’s hard to watch.

Hopefully this doesn’t last too long! Last time it was really painful and hard to watch. But we are greatful that the extubation has gone well. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Hana’s heart failure/transplant cardiologist about what a more dilated heart and collapsed lung means for Hana. Although he was there for rounds today, he left before they were over, I suspect that there was a patient getting a transplant today. First we just needed to see how she did without the breathing tube! Hopefully tomorrow we can get more answers!

It’s been a great, yet nerve wracking day. Thank you for the great outpouring of love and support. It has really meant so much to us!


9 thoughts on “Withdrawl

  1. So relieved for Hana- but really YOU That you got to finally hold your baby girl! I know that connection must mean so much to both of you. Asking the big guy for a calm restful and healing night for your whole family.


  2. Watching Hana going through drug withdraw last Feb. was something I will never forget. It was 11 hours of hell. Worried sick that the trauma would push her over the edge and we would lose her. It was gut wrenching. I prayed more during that 11 hours than I have all the rest of my life combined. My prayer today is that she pass through this quickly and without too much trauma. The support we get from family, friends, and people I don’t even know about has been awesome. Thank you all

    Love Hana’s Grandpop


  3. On behalf of the Yago family, I’ll ditto Hana’s Grandpop! Thank you to all the folks out there sending support to Hana, Kathleen and Paul.

    Love from me too! (Paul’s cousin)


  4. Kathleen, I continue to pray for the restoration of Hanna’s health and that you and your husband can find peace in this storm. It’s hard to imagine what you and your entire family go through minute to minute. Knowing others are thinking of and praying for you hopefully helps. Karen Truman


  5. So nice to see her awake and free of the vent!! Good job little one!! Praying that her w/d passes quickly and is manageable. So so happy you all can hold her!! Sending our love to you all from pidly little Delaware 🙂

    Love, Cara and Brandon


  6. The one thing Hana knows and feels for sure, is your love for her. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. God bless and keep you all close to His heart.


  7. Continued love and prayers being sent to your entire family! Sweet Hana you are doing great!!
    Holly & Thomas (yoga buddies)


  8. So glad everything went well. Continuing to keep Baby Hana in my prayers. As well as y’all too. For strength and patience. Please tell your Mom Chris and Kisha say Hello😘😁


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