A Very Scary Night – Reintubation

Hana had a rough day – fast heart rate and respiration rate. We were very nervous and stressed all day. Her “regular” heart rate just kept getting higher. We tried to calm her in her withdrawal but her heart rate was hanging around in the 180’s and 190’s and her respiration rate in the 80’s. We tried holding her and rocking her. They set up for reintubation. Her stats were making us all very, very nervous. They tried giving versed. It didn’t help. They tried giving morphine but that didn’t help, Hana was just too exhausted. Of course any emergency reintubation during the night when they don’t have everyone possible around made us very nervous. We know the risks of reintubation – Hana’s heart just may not make it.

We stayed in the room for the reintubation and held each other. The attending physician was very familiar with Hana from her time in the CVICU in February. He led the team through the intubation in a very calm manner. It was very reassuring. The nurse practitioner did the actual intubation. The intubation actually went smoothly and easily and without a hitch. 

This is a major setback. Maybe we will have more answers tomorrow. The doctor strongly recommended that we get sleep tonight. I have a lot more I could say but we are too tired.


7 thoughts on “A Very Scary Night – Reintubation

  1. Hope you could all get some sleep! Praying and thinking about you and Hana! Looking forward to some good news tomorrow! Hugs and love to all three of you!


  2. Ah Gee wiz! Get some rest, if you can. And when you can we hope to hear some good news today.
    Here’s some love and hugs for you guys, hope you can feel it.


  3. I assume that means sedatives again and another round of withdraw. Now I realize the real miracle we pray for is that withdraw won’t be so torturous .


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