First Update

They will update us every two hours. The first update is that everything is going fine. That’s it! In the meantime, Paul is doing work and I’m trying to cancel or put a hold on memberships and subscriptions at home. We are also checking the blog comments and Facebook comments and messages – they really help us! Thank you all!

15 thoughts on “First Update

  1. Keep the updates coming. Your not alone in waiting, we have been thinking about all of you all day.
    With love,
    April and family


  2. Thanks for the update Kathleen. We are waiting with you. Many people praying. People you have never met but all that surround you and Paul and Hana with prayers for healing. Hana is on the way to her miracle. Keep us posted.


  3. Greg and I have been praying for you three! Looking forward to meeting you and little Hana…hugs and love from Seattle!


  4. Waiting can be the most difficult part, indeed. And yet I find that is where the Lord is most present and His presence is most comforting…praying this over you! You do not wait alone–we are all linking arms with you and waiting patiently. May Father meet you in all the details. In our weakness, He shows Himself strong!


  5. We are praying for you all. I tucked my little ones in tonight and like many nights they prayed for Hana. Sending you prayers for continued positive updates and peace in the coming hours.


  6. I know this has been a very difficult day for you. Just remember that many of us are praying and standing beside you in our hearts even if we aren’t visible to you. You and Paul have done everything possible that any parents can do. She is in the doctor’s knowledgeable care now and also in God’s hands. The most important thing for you to do is stay rested and strong so you will be able to go through the difficult days ahead giving her your love and strength as you have been. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it better but all I can do is pray and think of you hourly. Stay strong!


  7. I haven’t actively participated in the comments, but wanted you to know that I’m reading your posts and praying for you sweet little girl.


  8. It’s really great news that things are going well so far. Bravo Hana!

    Please let me know if there’s anything that you guys need help with or if a few of us (from Paul’s job) can send you food or anything. We wanto to help in some way so pls let me know if you think of something. Really.

    Looking forward to the next positive update.


  9. We don’t know each other, but I have been following the updates through Erin Chretien. My 6 year old saw me reading the blog one day and asked about it. Ever since then, we have prayed together everyday for Hana, you and your husband, and the medical staff. You have many people praying and I know God hears all of us.


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