They keep saying Hana will go down to the OR soon but no one really knows how long that is. The surgeon stopped by at 2:40 and said “in the next hour”. I think we are all getting a bit fidgety! Well, except Hana who seems to be waiting patiently! I will post an update when she goes down. The surgery will take 3-5 hours.


4 thoughts on “Soon

  1. Good luck with everything! It must be nerve wrecking to have to wait for such a long time 😦

    I am confident that everything will turn out great so Hana can start recovering quickly awaiting for her new heart!

    Sending you hugs and peace and positive vibes!

    Stay strong!


  2. I have been praying for Hana and you both all day and will continue to do so. Thank you for keeping up the blog. I have been following all along. Many prayers for all to go well and that she gets a heart soon and heals quickly. What a sweet baby.


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