Bronch Results

After Hana’s bronchoscopy this afternoon, everyone was happy. Her left bronchus is now open as is her left upper lobe. So, the chest X-ray has not been giving a complete enough picture. This is encouraging because it means that Hana’s lung is starting to inflate again. It just may take some time. They’ve even talked about extubating as early as Monday!


14 thoughts on “Bronch Results

  1. The picture of her with her little loveys is so very sweet. So glad to hear the good news about her lung! Hope you two are breathing easier as well.


  2. She’s a trooper just like her parents! So happy about this good news. Sending happy/hopeful wishes your way and continuing prayers.


  3. Ohio has been added to the state list. Up to 29 states now.
    New Jersey, Maine, Illinois, Washington, Massachusetts, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, California, Virginia, New York, West Virginia, Florida, Maryland, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Minnesota, Texas, Kentucky, Hawaii, Delaware, Alabama, Indiana, Connecticut, Vermont, Wyoming, Nebraska, Ohio.
    And Japan and Amsterdam
    If you don’t see your state listed, please let me know – I’ll add it.
    And from the news of this post… all the prayers are helping Hana and her family. Thanks to everyone out there across our country and overseas!!


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