Chugging Along

Hana had a quiet night and slept well. Today she is agitated but it hasn’t been too bad. Her heart rate and respiration rate have been normal. She has been tolerating being extubated very well. They will come down on her CPAP from 10 to 8. Her chest X-ray continues to look better and they can hear more aeration from her left lung. They have been managing her withdrawal quite well. Today they will turn off her fentanyl. They will creep down on her versed. Yesterday they started methadone and they will increase her Ativan both for withdrawal. 

As for other things, Hana is still on a post-op antibiotic. She is getting a steroid to treat high fibrinogen levels. She is getting IV heparin therapy and yesterday they started aspirin to thin her blood. They are going to try to get her back on her oral meds for her heart failure- enalapril and carvedilol and they will start reducing her Nitroprusside (eventually she should be off milrinone but that will probably be the last to go). They stopped her diuril and will continue with IV Lasix. Things are moving along.

Today we get to hold her!


11 thoughts on “Chugging Along

  1. Glad to hear things are moving along. And, so glad you all get to hold her 🙂
    We are continuing to follow and pray for your courageous family, here in NJ.


  2. Such wonderful news and a great update. Hana is a real trooper and strong girl. It is so nice to see her in these pics, alert and reaching out with a toy or to the camera. 🙂 Get some good pics when you finally get to love and hug on your girl. I’m sure she needs it as much as you both do! Go Hana!


  3. Such good news! So happy to hear that you can hold her today! Once you get done giving her all the hugs you can give her, then give her one more for me!!


  4. Amazing news that Hana’s recovery is moving in the right direction. She is so strong, such an inspiration to all of us! Best news is that you get to hold her. I’m sure she looks forward to it as much as you do. A mother’s hug is one of the greatest medicines out there. Love to the Yagos!


  5. Mom, that is some good news. When you hold her, please give her a little angel kiss from everyone that is holding her close in their prayers.


  6. So happy that things are moving in the right direction. Relish holding her in your arms, feeling warmth of her body and beautiful little face against yours, the smell of her hair and her arms hugging you back too. X


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