Moving Along

Hana’s progress is moving along. They took off the CPAP mask and switched to high flow. Tomorrow morning she will hopefully get switched to regular nasal cannula. She is still weaning from the versed and they will continue to turn that down every six hours when she gets a dose of Ativan. They will start weaning the precedex tomorrow which will be the last drip to take off. This can cause low heart rate so they will have to watch her carefully when they start to wean her and they are starting her carvedilol today. 

Hana is actually getting bored! She is using her voice a bit and even smiling! We bought a ukulele yesterday and are starting to play for her. She doesn’t seem satisfied with much – I think she wants to get out of bed! The physical therapist and occupational therapist came by today and started to do a few things with her, like get her sitting up, which is very wobbly and not yet possible without support. Hopefully soon!

Thank you for all the wonderful support! It’s a little hard to believe that Christmas is so soon!


9 thoughts on “Moving Along

  1. Everyday she looks better and better and I am thrilled about that. I’m sure you and your husband are too. Continued thoughts and prayers for you all. Hugs Hana. You are an amazing little girl. Keep it up.


  2. Beautiful Hana….. So glad she is ‘moving along’ and getting a bit antsy. That is surely a very good sign that she is feeling better. I hope she continues to improve and get stronger and stronger. You’ll be moved to the floor in no time, I’m sure! Still 8 more days til Xmas – so there is still time for it to happen. 🙂


  3. Keep the news coming Kathleen. We love it. Hana getting bored. Whoo hoo. How well do you guys play the Ukulele? I’ll bet Christmas Carols have a tropical flair in your part of the hospital. You should walk around singing and playing and spreading cheer. Why the Ukulele? Interesting choice. You need to play Baroque music if you want to soothe her. I attended a parent’s seminar on it once and it works magic. I played it for my Special Ed kids when they were in my room or taking exams. The Special Ed teachers stopped me in the hall and asked me what was the music I played for the students. They loved it. Not Heavy Metal, not Rap, Baroque. I play it when I whelp puppies and I play it for the puppies to settle them at night. I send a copy off with the new puppy owners. Anyway, that is my Music hint for Hana. I am sure listening to your Ukulele music makes her very happy. Love it and love that Hana is improving. Our Christmas Miracle is on the way. We keep praying and love hearing the news about Hana’s progress. What day number is she on now?


    1. We are on day 28 in the CVICU. We got a ukulele because we both play guitar but the ukulele is much smaller and easier at the bedside. I’ll have to look up some baroque ukulele music!


  4. So good to hear she’s got spunk! What a strong, resilient little lady! Love seeing all the updates, Thank you! Continued prayers heading your way!


  5. Sounds like all is Moving in the right direction. We will be on the hunt for ideas to keep a bed trapped little girl occupied. A box of tissues or post it notes buy us about 5 minutes at home!


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