Out Of Bed

Today they are continuing to wean Hana’s Precedex (dexmedetomidine) drip. Her clonidine patch should be effective so they can start to wean a little faster. Overall she is a little overly sedated. We are trying to be careful that Hana doesn’t get her days and nights mixed up! Last night she was wide awake and playful at 10pm. They are also increasing her aspirin to 3 baby aspirin a day (crushed, mixed with water and sent down her feeding tube). Since they took out her arterial line yesterday, Hana must have blood drawn peripherally- the way we all do, with a needle stick. This will still happen every day for a while until her results are stable and then she will only do it it twice a week.

The physical therapist and occupational therapists came again today but Hana was so sleepy that she didn’t do much. However, they did get her out of bed and had her sit on my leg on the floor. We did that for two hours! Hana would fall asleep sitting up (with me supporting her) and then wake. I think it was really good for her to start using her muscles more and to get out of bed!

Last night my mom made a Berlin Heart for Hana’s Christmas reindeer! Everyone loves it. Thank you all for the packages and cards and goodies! But most of all, we are so thankful for all the well-wishes and prayers. It really does help us knowing we have so much moral support. We feel very lucky.


2 thoughts on “Out Of Bed

  1. So good to hear that she is out of bed. Sending love to not just Hana, you and Paul, but the doctors and nurses for the good care she is getting.


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