Another Good Day

Today was another good day. Hana is still a bit sleepy and her hematocrit was low (19) so they did a blood transfusion. That perked her up a bit in the afternoon but her overall energy is still low, which I think is still fine at this point. They gave her albumin today too. They are hoping to get Hana off the 1/4 L of oxygen she is still getting but so far her O2 level starts to go down sometimes without it.

They added a 1/4 clonidine patch to hopefully help her wean faster off her last drip – the dexmedetomidine. They didn’t turn it down until 3:30 in the afternoon, so it had been almost 30 hours since the last time they turned it down by 10%. I noticed that the gagging and retching did not appear today like it has been the last few days. Maybe it’s been withdrawal causing the gagging.

I like hearing the fellows come up with their plan and then hearing the rest of the team explain why something is or isn’t a good decision. Every once in a while I know something the fellow doesn’t know and I worry that either they haven’t spent enough time in the CVICU or I’ve spent too much time in the CVICU.

Today’s highlight was holding Hana for a while and then getting on the floor with her again for some play.


8 thoughts on “Another Good Day

  1. Very cool!!!! Thank you for the video. It’s wonderful to see her live! So glad today was another good day. ❤️💜❤️


  2. What a sweet voice! Thank you for sharing the video! May the good days continue to out number the bad! Thoughts and prayers continue to be with you!


  3. We can’t think of a more beautiful picture then to see Hanna sitting in her mom’s lap. How wonderful to see her up and playing a little. We pray that Christmas and the New Year brings the miracle you are waiting for. Marilyn and Floyd Forman


  4. Hana looks great in this pic! She’s going to be ready when that new heart is!!! ❤️✌🏼️🙏🏻 Auntie Dana


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