Moving Day

Today Hana got moved to the step down unit on 3 West! They turned off her last drip at 3am and seemed to be doing fine without the dexmedetomidine. They rounded early on Hana so that we could move the transfer process along. Around 11am the CVICU team did their review of Hana with the team upstairs. Then we started rolling around noon. I was sad to say goodbye to the CVICU because I have spent some of the most intense moments of my life there and it feels like a part of me, but I’m glad Hana is ready to be out of intensive care.

On 3 West, the cardiac intermediate unit, you can eat and sleep in the rooms. There is a bathroom and shower in the room as well as a closet and drawers. Hana has her own room because she is pre-transplant and needs to stay healthy. This is where we will be living until she gets her transplant.

We moved all our stuff from our sleep room up to her room. We took down all the decorations from her CVICU room and moved everything up to the new room. Then we spent the rest of the day organizing and decorating for Christmas. We put up the butterfly Christmas tree my sister sent and opened packages and put the presents around the tree. We put up lights, listened to Christmas music and watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. 

Hana seemed like so much more her normal self. It was so great to see her so animated! We are happy to be on 3 West and just in time for Christmas!



13 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Hana’s first Christmas Miracle. I recognize that proud grandma. It’s a foggy Christmas in PA. I’m sure your Christmas will be sunnier in CA. Merry Christmas Hana. Santa knows you are on the nice list.


  2. Wonderful! Hana’s face looking up in the second photo looks so bright and sweet and cheerful, she looks very happy to stand up, and it’s so great to see. Merry, merry Christmas to you all!


  3. Merry Christmas Kathleen, Paul, Hana and family!! So happy to read the good news of your move. What a simple and wonderful gift! We continue to pray for you all and hope you have a relaxing and Blessed Christmas.


  4. Merry Christmas Paul, Kathleen, little Hana and Grandma! Great pictures. As Dana said, in-visioning Hana next Christmas, at home, healthy and running around the Christmas Tree.


  5. So very glad to hear of your Christmas move! The pictures of Hana
    with her gran are priceless. Happy Christmas to Hana and her remarkable family !


  6. Merry Christmas to Hana and family! So happy to see brave little Hana go into her own room and able to celebrate Christmas with her family! We continue to send our thoughts and prayers from NJ!


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