Christmas is almost over here. It’s been a pretty good day. We woke up late – I hardly slept between going to midnight mass and then all the interruptions and noises I’m not used to. There is someone coming in the room many times a night to do things – give meds, adjust feeds, weigh Hana at 6:30am. These are things I used to do. Every time Hana’s vital sign alarm would go off I would get up to look at it. I was worried about her nasal cannula coming out of her nose and she would desat. But it was usually her respiration rate being too fast. Which is the reason we brought Hana to the hospital in the first place, 36 days ago.

Other than her respiration rate being a bit high, Hana felt sweaty to me in the evening. She had to get some blood drawn today which did not go well. It’s a long story but they ended up wasting more than 3mL of blood and they had to come and draw on two separate occasions and they had to poke her five or six times. They just didn’t have their act together and more blood would have been wasted if I didn’t insist that they check with the lab. Then they had to place two NG tubes. They couldn’t pull her NJ tube back to her stomach without doing an X-ray to check placement which seemed ridiculous to me and no one had a good explanation. So they just placed a whole new tube. Then the crushed aspirin clogged the NG tube so bad they had to place another one. I was irritated that they weren’t more careful about crushing the aspirin into a fine powder. Then they were going to do an X-ray to check placement of the second NG tube which I thought was ridiculous and the doctor that was on agreed to make an exception so in the end Hana was spared unnecessary radiation. She has probably been exposed to more radiation than most people will be in their whole life.

But it was still a nice day despite my complaints! They rounded at 7:55am! I was in my pajamas! We opened gifts in two shifts. Got Hana out of bed twice and set off the Berlin Heart alarm seven times when we kinked it for a second. We got some very excellent gifts – thank you to everyone who sent gifts and cards and packages and well wishes! Our friends and neighbors brought us some excellent Christmas dinner! Overall, it was a nice day!


4 thoughts on “Christmas 

  1. Kathleen, Paul, Hana, and Grandma Marie: So nice to know that you enjoyed a beautiful Christmas as a family surrounded by thoughts and actions of many, many well wishers. Include best wishes from Australia, too.


  2. Sounds like you all had a good Christmas in spite of the early glitches. You and your family are amazing !!! Hope today has some relaxation in store for you.


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