Well I wrote a whole long post about today and then the WordPress app stopped working again on my phone. But I’ll summarize and then I have to get sleep!

Hana’s high heart rate  was caused by dehydration and low electrolytes. She was vomiting a lot today and wasn’t keeping her meds down (a common problem with Berlin Heart kids). They stopped her feeds and put her on IV fluids. After that she perked up.

The road is rocky, in the beginning, they tell me. Hopefully we can figure out a medication routine and a feeding regiment that works for Hana right now. It has had ups and downs but I think we are moving in the right direction. Thank goodness my mom is still here!


5 thoughts on “Dehydration 

  1. Yes momma. Get some rest. So good to see your beautiful faces. Lots of folks keeping you all close in prayers. Hana issuch a doll and a little warrior.


  2. Good to see those smiles! The thought came across my mind yesterday from the pic you took of her, her eyes looked a little sunken, but I wasn’t sure if it was lighting or if she was tired. Good to know that the high heart rate this time was a simple fix-yay! May you continue to feel the peaceful loving presence of God during this trying time.


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