Things have been moving along steadily. Hana seems a little too tired during the day. They say this could be from withdrawal, as they are very, very slowly decreasing her Ativan and Methadone doses every other day. I think it is also because her sodium has been a bit low. This happened before and once she got sodium replacement, she perked up. Unfortunately, I think it could also be from boredom and depression.

We haven’t been able to get Hana out of the room as much as I’d like. We have to get a nurse to go with us and their patient load is not always such where they can easily get away. Also, with the holidays there are many programs and staff that are not around for activities and services that are normally offered. Hopefully that will all change this coming week.

Today we got to take Hana outside for the first time in more than six weeks. It was only to just outside the main entrance of the hospital but I do think she enjoyed it. She and Poppy also got to see each other for the first time too. While I thought it might be an emotional reunion, it was not. Neither seemed to impressed with the other. Oh well!

We also got to take Hana to see the toy trains, which she really loved. Later in the day we got to take her to the playroom. I think the excursions do her good. I also think familiar visitors help as well. I’m sure Hana gets tired of seeing my face and welcomes the change.

This week Paul and I should get our parent training on the Berlin Heart. That way, we can take Hana out of the unit and around the third floor without a nurse. That will give us more freedom and independence and hopefully will help with Hana’s boredom and depression. We’ve been doing our best to keep her active and engaged in the room but sometimes the same four walls just make you crazy.

Hana’s fibrinogen level has been elevated. They have also noticed more white deposits on her Berlin Heart, so they’ve started to keep a much closer eye on her. They are also watching closely to see if she has any signs of having a stroke. The alarm on the Ikus, which is the huge box on wheels with the laptop on top and basically runs everything going on with the Berlin Heart, has been going off like crazy the last couple of nights. So we are not sure what is going on with that. Hopefully everything resolves itself quickly.

Today I got to go on a nice jog with Poppy. It really improved my mood and I am very grateful for the opportunity! Thank you to all the people who help make that happen. There are many people who may not even think they are helping make it happen, but you are! I think we rely on each other more than we realize or even appreciate. This is something I think about alot especially as I am jogging. There are so many people who have helped Hana. Medically speaking there are the medical professionals who have committed to education and training and their families that have encouraged and supported them. There are medications and equipment and supplies and all those things came as a result of so many people’s effort. Then there are all the people who have supported us with cards, packages, texts, emails, meals, notes, kind words, etc. We are so grateful.









Day 46 in the hospital, Day 28 post-Berlin Heart, Day 19 on the transplant list.

2 thoughts on “Outside

  1. She is just precious! A change of scenery, even for a brief time, is good for everyone! She looks so happy with her daddy! Sending continued healing thoughts and prayers as the sort things out with her Berlin Heart.


  2. I love these pictures – she looks so happy! She is really beautiful, and she looks so much like you Kathleen! You are doing such a good job keeping her entertained. I know it must be hard. I think of you and your family all the time.


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