9 Kilos

imageA couple of days ago Hana finally weighed in at or above 9 kilograms. That is about 20 pounds (I only know that because I just used a conversion calculator). She seems to have been stuck at 8.8 kilos for so long that I’m glad she has finally tipped the scale.

Hana’s recent blood work showed that her liver enzymes are a little high, so they will watch that more closely. Also, her hematocrit was low, so they increased her iron again. In addition, they want to avoid giving her another blood transfusion so they may try Epogen therapy. This would be an IV drug that would be used to stimulate the production of red blood cells.

Otherwise, things are going very well. Hana is really starting to walk and talk – I think she has finally surpassed the walking skill level she was at prior to being in the hospital. Just is the last couple of days she started babbling, making new sounds and signing lots of new words. It is very exciting.

Possibly on Friday, but probably on Monday there will be a fun surprise that one of the nurse practitioner’s has been working on.

Stay tuned…





4 thoughts on “9 Kilos

  1. Kathleen, thank you for this blog and keeping everyone updated on little Hanna’s progress. We don’t know you or your family, but, we are invested in your story. You are always in our thoughts and prayers here in NJ.


  2. I love the scruched up Face like she doesn’t like the smell or taste of something. Totally cute. I see there is a ballerina in the making with the beautifully executed toe point. Lovely


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