Stuck In The Room

So, since they don’t want to take any chances with the backup Ikus, while we wait for a new backup Ikus, Hana can not leave the room. This has been difficult and she was pretty cranky at times today. Health wise, she is completely like she has always been.

Of course, many people stopped by to see how we were doing. We were commended for staying so calm and collected. Really, I think that’s because the initial nurse was so composed and everyone else just took her lead and knew there parts and did it. I know I’ve complained about the nurses on 3 West last year but almost all of them have been really great and yesterday they proved they can also be exceptional.

I am honestly a little embarrassed or uncomfortable by all the praise of being calm. I kind of over react to this by nearly saying, “it was no big deal.” But it was a big deal and it was handled appropriately and swiftly and confidently. I never felt like Hana was in any great danger, there was potential for danger, but again, this was eliminated by a seamless emergency response. Now, I’d love it if other people, especially nurses, could chime in on how we can show how much we appreciate what they all did. Are words enough? A thank you card? Maybe put a sign on the Hana’s door?

But anyway, we picked a good time to be stuck in the room. We are lucky that we have lots of great activities. One of my aunts sent a huge box of activities and ideas for activities. We also received a very cool “busy book” personalized and created for Hana by Little Lennon Busy Books. So, we were able to keep busy and active on the slide Hana has in her room. We also just redocorated, see the photos below. This is how we bring the outdoors in and keep from going crazy. Therese and I did a lot of work making the room look like it does!

One more quick mention of the broken Ikus – we (okay, probably just me) may have pushed it to its limit (well past its limit)! It is not meant to be plugged in and out so often. Berlin Heart has requested the exact power cord and power strip so they can try to recreate it back in Texas (where their U. S. home base is.)



3 thoughts on “Stuck In The Room

  1. On the door put a sign:

    Hana Yago

    Under the exceptional care of the Lucile Packard staff.
    Administered at the highest level of skill and professionalism.
    Delivered with Compassion, Caring, and Understanding

    Or something like that



  2. The decorations in the room are magical! Hana is so incredibly blessed to have you as her mom! Wow! You all continue to be in our prayers for a strong compatible heart of gold. Blessing


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