Failure Recovery 

Today we recover from failure, the failure to stay positive. I realize that “failure” is a bit extreme, but as Paul and I discussed it important to try to teach your child not just to succeed but to be able to recover from failure. Certainly life is going to have its ups and downs but adding to the negativity not only can hurt others but it hurts ourselves as well. I don’t know the internal workings of why some nurses don’t feel they can handle an emergency 50 feet further from the front door. I’m guessing it is not at all a matter of skill or competency, they certainly seem to have that, but it is a matter of personality and one thing I’ve been surprised to learn is how much personality plays a part in medicine. One thing I do know is I can stop complaining and try to be part of a solution or at least change my attitude.

Today I tried a couple different apps on my iPhone that tracks your whereabouts and gives you an emergency call option. So far, I haven’t found something that I feel works in our situation but I’ll keep looking. Unfortunately, I don’t really believe that offering a solution of a sure fire emergency response is going to make a difference, but I’ll try anyway. 

Today we got some good news! Hana is allowed to go to the adult side of the Stanford hospital to see the live music performances they have on Wednesdays and Fridays! We have been waiting for respiratory season to be over. For the first one she will be accompanied by the nurse practitioner but she should be allowed to go with her nurse as well. I’m sure the same nurses who are not comfortable taking Hana outside will not be comfortable taking her to the music performances either. So, we’ll see how it goes. The first performance is music of Italy. I’m not sure if this style would be Hana’s first choice, but we will see how it goes! We are very excited.


3 thoughts on “Failure Recovery 

  1. She is getting so big!!! It’s amazing to see the difference in her these past several months. They grow up too fast! You can see the spirit and spunk in Hana’s eyes. That’s all you-you have worked tiredlessly to create a fun, nurturing environment for her!!!

    It must be difficult to stay positive 100% of the time given your circumstances. I think you have done a remarkable job! But, it is also ok every now and then, to cry, scream, vent! Most of your readers will never fully comprehend what this time in the hospital has been like for you, Paul, your families and friends. We continue to pray for Hana and you!!!


  2. Such great news regarding the concerts! So glad that is now an option for you. it is hard to feel you have failed, and worse when you know your children see it, but hopefully knowing they will feel the same and that you have given them the example how to overcome will bring you some comfort. Mike and Kathrine


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