Leaky Tricuspid Valve

Hana’s CVP continues to be high around 15. He blood pressure started to get low again. They took her off the propofol and temporarily paused the milrinone and Lasix. They did an echocardiogram and we got to see her new heart for the first time!

Unfortunately, they saw a lot of leakage from her tricuspid valve, which separates her right atrium and right ventricle. They saw no leakage during the echocardiogram in the OR. So, this could be from too much fluid, or valve damage from the new heart being without oxygen for too long. If it’s damage it could get better. Or it could stay the same or it could get worse. Some people live with leaky tricuspid valves and they are fine. If it were severe enough the would consider repairing it or replacing it but we aren’t anywhere close to that.

I wish everything was going perfectly. Because it would be easier on my heart! But Hana continues to do well, her lactate level has not gone above 1.2. So, it is what it is. They started her on vasopressin to help increase her blood pressure. They will then restart the Lasix to take off fluid.

If they can get more fluid off then they will move forward with extubation tomorrow. If not, they will wait another day.

2 thoughts on “Leaky Tricuspid Valve

  1. I learned of Hana’s story through Eugenia Mancini Horan’s painting, and I wanted to let you know that your family is in my prayers! I am glad that Hana found a heart, and I hope that she continues to recover well. I will be praying for her and for the family of the donor ❤


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