She’s Done!

Hana’s heart transplant is done! It went very smoothly with no surprises. The surgeon told us the new heart is working very well. Hana just came up from the OR and is getting settled in the CVICU. We will get to see her in about 30-45 minutes.

We did see her as she was wheeled out of the elevator.

I am on the brink of very overwhelming emotions.

After we see her we are going to try to SLEEP. Hana will be very sedated for awhile. Tonight they will just let her be. She has a breathing tube and will have it for about 24 hours. 

We are so incredibly grateful for this gift of life!

192 days in the hospital, day of transplant!

22 thoughts on “She’s Done!

  1. My thoughts are with you all! Brave little girl!
    Very happy to hear, that Hana recived her gift of life! Wishing her a good and quick recovery!


  2. I am crying tears of joy right now! So grateful and happy. I can’t wait to see pictures of Hana awake!


  3. Just woke up and couldn’t wait to read your blog.. We are thrilled that everything went well. Wishing all of you love, health and happiness and a speedy recovery fo Hana. And get home soon! Tears of joy here in NJ!


  4. On the east coast just woke up and I thought of you first. What a relief. Our very best wishes for continued good results!


  5. I am just overwhelmed and tears of relief and happy. I too do not know you but my Katue does. We love you all and Hana is deep in our hearts. Thank you God🙏🏻. May some rest come to you and peace wash over you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.


  6. Amazing news! I look forward to more posts and updates about your brave little girl. All the best. Sending positive thoughts your way. I hope you can get some rest now too.


  7. God bless all of you. I am praying for a smooth recovery. You are an amazing mother. I hope you get some rest and breathe a bit easier.


  8. I was so eager to hear news about Hana this morning. I’m so overjoyed for your family that Hana got her heart.


  9. Thank the Good Lord for Hanna’s miracle there is an angel in heaven smiling down!! Life goes on for that angel💞💞💞


  10. We are so grateful that God and modern medical science have made this miracle possible. May He give all of you strength and blessings as you go forward in life with precious Hana. We got very little sleep too in this vigil. Several moments of tears through out the night too. But a great outcome..JOY!
    Great Uncle Dave and aunt Jean Hedger


  11. I am so happy for you. My prayers for Hana and your family will continue, as well as for the grieving donor family. God bless.


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