First Clinic Visit

Today, Hana had her first clinic visit since being discharged. Other than the appointment being right during Hana’s nap, it went very well. A few minor adjustments were made. We discussed Hana’s diarrhea and bloating which is almost definitely due to her medications. We discussed her high blood pressure in the morning (but then tonight it was also high). But things are looking really good. 

Hana had an echocardiogram where they saw the walls of her heart are thickening from the steroid she is on, but it seems usual for the young kids. Hana got the staples removed from her chest- she dealt with it like a champ, I couldn’t believe how calm (some crying too, of course ) she was. They examined her Berlin Heart cannula sites and redressed them.

Hana dealt with everything so well, especially for having no nap today! Her next clinic appointment is on Tuesday and won’t be as long. Things are really starting to fall into a routine. We’ll see how well that goes next week when my mom and dad go back home and Hana starts to have outpatient speech, PT and OT appointments.

It’s been nice having a relatively slow week to catch up on sleep! And now we have the Summer Scamper to look forward to on Sunday!

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