Welcome To The Short Stay Unit

We’ve been spoiled rotten. In the past, I mean, not now. I’m laying in a hospital bed. The last time I was in a hospital bed, Hana was a newborn. It’s 10:30 and the movie Frozen is playing on the other side of the curtain in our tiny shared room in the short stay unit at the hospital. The mom on the other side is talking on the phone. The door to the room is open. The lights are dimmed a bit. Monitors are beeping and IV alarms are sounding. 

They let Hana sleep in a hospital bed instead of a crib. It wasn’t my idea or request. Before I knew it they were ordering a bed instead of a crib like it were my idea so that I could lie in bed with Hana. It sounds like a lovely idea to me – cuddled up asleep next to your baby, when you couldn’t do it for months. But Hana is not crazy about the arrangement. She kept pushing me away. She likes her space, I guess. She is finally asleep.

Hopefully the 12-hour run of IVIG therapy goes well! We need more time out of the hospital. We got up really early this morning for the cath lab appointment. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30am. It went smoothly, her heart pressures are still high but they are coming down. The will get her biopsy results tomorrow. 

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Giggly Hana agter her versed.
Suiting up to go into the Cath Lab

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