Welcome Home Hana!

We are home! It is amazing in so many ways. It feels great and Hana seems very happy. What’s best is that we are finally all together again under one roof because now we have our dog Poppy too!

I’ve been packing like crazy and a friend of a friend picked some stuff up yesterday. Then today our friend Lisa showed up and helped us pack and load up the rest. Paul took the day off from work (sort of, he still did work). Some friends in our neighborhood came to the house and did one last cleaning! When we pulled up to our newly painted house (scaffolding is all gone!) there was a “Welcome Home Hana” sign and balloons!

Some of our friends showed up with champagne and we celebrated and did a little unpacking. Neighbors came by with dinner and dessert! Paul and I got a few crucial things unpacked (medications and medical supplies). We had dinner and then started the bedtime routine. Hana was very excited but did manage to get to sleep in her own room and in her real bed! 

It was sad to leave the Ronald McDonald House today after 60 nights there. We have made a lot of friends there and in the hospital. There are kids we’ve seen go through a lot and it feels a little strange to now exit that world, a world where having a child with a serious medical condition is normal, and just go back home.

We still have a lot to do, unpacking from 267 days away (nearly nine months), but we are so happy and in awe to be home!

3 thoughts on “Welcome Home Hana!

  1. So so happy for you!!! God has been gracious to you and has brought healing to Hana! He is good – all the time! Rejoicing with you as you are home again! Truly, Mary. (Suzanne Pebtin’s mom)


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