Still In The CVICU

Hana’s Cidofovir treatment went very well and she tolerated it without any concerns. For her next treatment on Sunday night and Wednesday night she can just stay on the floor instead of coming back to the CVICU. That is, if we ever get out of the CVICU!  

We are still down here in the CVICU because they don’t have any rooms for her on the floor. They keep giving the rooms to other kids, I guess to get them out of the PICU which is overflowing. Here in the CVICU there are a lot of empty beds and they are supposed to start getting overflow from the PICU. We have been packed up and ready to go for about eight hours, so the day is really dragging on. I have given up hope getting out of the CVICU before tomorrow.

On the plus side, our room in the CVICU is one of the large corner rooms they use for kids right after they get their heart transplant. It’s very large, quiet and much more private. It is still not as comfortable as being up on the floor. We still have to leave to get something to eat or to find a bathroom and there is no place for parents to rest. But at least Hana has been downgraded to acute care so things are much more relaxed.

Hana has been very out of it today. She’s mostly wanted to sleep. I was a little concerned since she was much more perky yesterday but she seems to be doing a bit better. She even ate some popsicle and pickle. She still isn’t interested in doing much more than lying in bed or sitting in my or Paul’s lap for a little bit. Her breathing still looks a little labored to me but that could be from all the fluid retention.

So, we wait. This is hospital life.

4 thoughts on “Still In The CVICU

  1. Her eyes say to me that she is feeling better and is managing to kick this virus in the butt. Hana is so very strong and quite a fighter. I know you all will be home soon. XOXO


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