Hana’s breathing tube came out! It went very smoothly! Hopefully they can continue to wean her ventilation so she can start getting tube feeds. Her echocardiogram looked about the same as yesterday. They may even take a few chest tubes out today. 

Just a tidbit of information – her donor heart matched her A+ blood type.

She’s not actually this awake quite yet. I did get to listen to her new heart with a stethoscope, it was AMAZING. Let’s hope the rest of the day goes smoothly!

194 days in the hospital, 2 full days with her new heart!

She’s Done!

Hana’s heart transplant is done! It went very smoothly with no surprises. The surgeon told us the new heart is working very well. Hana just came up from the OR and is getting settled in the CVICU. We will get to see her in about 30-45 minutes.

We did see her as she was wheeled out of the elevator.

I am on the brink of very overwhelming emotions.

After we see her we are going to try to SLEEP. Hana will be very sedated for awhile. Tonight they will just let her be. She has a breathing tube and will have it for about 24 hours. 

We are so incredibly grateful for this gift of life!

192 days in the hospital, day of transplant!