Another Great Day

Things are pretty good. There was more bloodwork early this morning and now Hana cries because now she knows what is coming, but she doesn’t put up a fight, she is such a trooper. She amazes me. 

Since we had to go back to the hospital we decided to visit 3 West to say hello to anyone that was around. Hana wasn’t having it. She kept pointing to the exit and saying “Go!” I don’t blame her, but I wish she could understand that we aren’t staying. Hana did go to hospital preschool where Jeff the guitarist played. She seemed to enjoy it. She might as well enjoy it now since she won’t get to go to regular preschool – it’s just too risky for an immune compromised kid. 

Sleep and napping has gotten much better – she might even get on a normal kid routine.

Today Southwest Airlines grilled and provided dinner for the families at the Ronald McDonald House. It was grilled chicken and hot dogs and all kinds of side dishes. I have to say that after seven months in the hospital it is really nice to have someone make you dinner AND to eat it in a real dining environment. It doesn’t feel like a cafeteria or the hospital. It’s nice to have people do things for you – to take care of you in this way. It was very welcome and comforting.

On that note, people have asked what they can do – we can certainly use meals – although I can do some cooking now! It’s a bit tricky since it is harder to keep an eye on Hana in such a big kitchen that is not childproofed and we still need to be a little careful since she is still healing. Hana could use some new masks (vogmask N99 CV, small) and sun protective clothing. 

We can get mail now addressed in the following way:

Ronald McDonald House at Stanford
Hana Yago
510 Sand Hill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304

It must be addressed to Hana!

For those that can and want to visit, I think we will be ready for visitors next week! We would love to visit as long as all visitors are in perfect health – no runny noses, sniffles or allergies. Also, you must be fully vaccinated (or current according to your doctor or pediatrician) this includes the pertussis/whooping cough vaccine. Lastly and most importantly, you must be willing to wash hands or use hand sanitizer thoroughly and rub vigorously for 15 seconds. When the say “Clean Hands Save Lives” they are talking about kids like Hana!