High Fever and Loving Kindness

Hana’s temperature has been climbing, even after getting Tylenol. They actually gave Tylenol and Benadryl before giving her the immunosuppressant ATG. In 40 minutes her temperature has gone from 38.6 (101.5) to 39.1 (102.4). This makes me very nervous because it could mean infection. Infection is kind of disastrous because her immune system is suppressed so she won’t reject her new heart. Infection can kill. Or, her temperature could be high because she’s almost 24 hours post-op and inflammation can peak around that time, causing fever. But her CRP and procalcitonin are high and that leads them to believe it’s infection. So, they are doing blood and urine cultures and starting her on broad spectrum antibiotics, vancomycin and zosyn.

We’ve been down this road before and it has always turned out okay. I hope that’s going to be the case. If you want something specific to add to your prayers or positive thoughts for Hana, please add that this is just post-op inflammation, not infection, and that her temperature goes down to normal very soon. Thank you for all the prayers and positive thoughts. We are so grateful!

Following is a beautiful Loving-Kindness meditation for Hana and her donor family, sent by my aunt:

Loving-Kindness meditation for Hana’s new life:

May Hana’s body welcome and nurture her new heart.

May Hana’s spirit soar, explore, create, and become.

May Hana be safe and free from suffering.

May Hana’s heart be strong and whole.

May she live a life filled with gratitude and zest.

May Kathleen and Paul be healed in body and spirit.

May Kathleen, Paul, and Hana grow in joy and peace as a family.

Loving-Kindness meditation for the donor family:

May the donor family be wrapped in a blanket of love and tenderness.

May they be held and rocked in their grief.

May their memories and stories be heard as sacred.

May their compassion and generosity be a lesson to us all.

May their child’s life force bless the world with each sunrise.

In time, may they find solace and meaning in their most loving gift.

In time, may their hearts be healed and at peace.