Good Night

Hana was wide awake for many hours today. She spent a lot of the time looking around. We tried to entertain her with toys, songs, games, books, music. She’s not quite ready to entertain herself, it seems. She isn’t quite looking or acting like herself yet. She will look at you for long, long moments.

I’m hopeful and then almost scared of my hope. I need to remain in the present moment. That is my coping strategy. My baby, with a very sick heart, is sleeping (hopefully) down the hall where a nurse is constantly watching her. That is what it is, presently.

I love Hana. She would not fall asleep tonight. Much like it would be at home, on a normal night, I finally had to tell her “Good Night” and leave the room so she would allow herself to fall asleep.

There are so many people to thank. I’ve had people tell me I am strong, if that is so, it is only because I have been carried by all the love, support, help, thoughts and prayers of so many people. Thank you. It has touched us so deeply.

Here are some photos from today:




3 thoughts on “Good Night

  1. And I thank you for allowing us to be part of your incredibly difficult time. Hana is looking much better and your smile while holding her and her looking at you and Paul just say that the bond between a baby and her parents, even at 6 months old and being so sick is so strong. the love is evident in these photos.

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  2. So Wonderful to see Hana with the breathing tube and c-pap gone. She is so beautiful. I can only begin to imagine how wonderful it felt to hold her. Thanking for sharing your journey with us. Much love and prayers to you all. Mary and Sean

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