The First Thank You

Hana had a good night. They did have to increase her flow from 6 to 8 after taking a look at her chest x-Ray, but they will continue to try and decrease it today. She was wide awake at 6:15 (the nurse told me). Today she’s been downgraded to a new room down the hall (instead of directly in front of the nurses’s station) with a shared nurse. It’s one of the few times that being “downgraded” is a positive sign!

We have so many people to thank and we are so extremely grateful, but the first person I’d like to thank is the pediatrician we saw at Kaiser in San Francisco. Paul, just became an employee at Kaiser a few weeks and we had just been put in the Kaiser system that morning. When I called that morning to make an appointment for Hana’s cough, they scheduled is to see Dr. Herz.

Dr. Katherine Herz saw Hana and ordered her a chest x-Ray. I don’t know if every pediatrician would have ordered a chest x-Ray for a cough. We went down one floor and had the x-Ray. Then we walked the four blocks home. We were home about 30 minutes before Dr. Herz called to tell me they saw an enlarged heart on the x-Ray. She asked us to come back as soon as possible for an echocardiogram. They whisked us into the echo and then the pediatric cardiologist walked us immediately next door to the emergency room to await transport to UCSF hospital. Dr. Herz came to check in us in the ER, which was very nice. She also called us the weekend after we arrived at Stanford. I am so grateful to her for ordering that chest x-Ray, otherwise it could have been awhile before the enlarged heart was discovered and by then, Hana could be in much worse shape. Thank you Dr. Herz!

Here is a picture of Hana a few months ago:


6 thoughts on “The First Thank You

  1. That is awesome! I’m guessing she heard something during the examination that made her call for the x-ray. God bless that woman!! How grateful are all of is that she learned well and executed properly. So many great caregivers.

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  2. I’m sure you are so grateful to hold your sweet baby girl, even if it wasn’t like you normally do. This all sounds quite positive — and how incredible Paul got into Kaiser at this time for Hana

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