First Smile

Hana was up at 5:30 a.m. All that sleep training is down the drain! It’s nice to actually think about things like that again. Other than awakening too early, Hana is having the best morning yet. I even got her to smile! It’s the first smile since all this started almost two weeks ago, in February 11th. I am still feeling cautious. Things changed so quickly then, it could happen again. I don’t want to forget to just be in the present moment.


9 thoughts on “First Smile

  1. Oh boy! Now that has to give you a boost!! What a smile on her!!
    It is great to see her give you a smile and not be so miserable.
    Makes me smile too!!

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  2. I am a friend of a friend And praying for you and Hana. I was healed of many things – 8 years of very serious things- by God through the teachings at You can contact them to speak to someone one on one as well. I know what the doctors say but honestly God is so much bigger. Either way I will keep praying!

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  3. THAT MADE MY DAY!!!!! What a beautiful thing. I also loved your post from yesterday with you holding her( no pillow) for an hour!!! Fantastic progress!! Glad to see her withdrawal is better, her meds and O2 are weaning. She getting stronger and feeling better. So happy!!!

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  4. Yes! Yes! Those little two tooth grins are the best aren’t they! So very glad to see this! Thank you for for taking the time during that precious moment to allow us to enjoy it with you! Love


  5. Leaving Sunday was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. It’s just not the same being home and not being there. Obviously, I left too soon! I would have given anything for a smile. I nearly lost it at work when this picture showed up on my phone. All my love to Hana, Kathleen, Paul and “Doctor Mom” Marie from John, Dad, Grand Pop

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