Out Of The ICU

It’s been a very hectic day. Hana woke up pretty happy and squirmy and ready to bust out of the ICU. She got her arterial line out of her right arm, so now she can grab things again with her right hand. Then they moved us upstairs to the step down unit at 3 West! We moved all of her accumulated stuff (toys, blankets, pictures, books) and we also moved all of our stuff out of the sleep room. They had to do the handoff from ICU to the step down unit. Then I had to run across the street to meet with housing because they are trying to get us in a guest cottage here in Palo Alto.

I will try to update more later.




10 thoughts on “Out Of The ICU

  1. There is nothing better on this world than a baby smile. So happy for Hana! She looks great! It is amazing to see her cheerful! Praying for quick full recovery so she can enjoy going back home very soon!

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