Two Weeks Ago Today

It was two weeks ago today that all of this started. I haven’t been home since going back to the pediatrician’s office. If you had gone to my house you would have walked into the middle of my day, my “life”. All of it interrupted so suddenly. It’s amazing the things you can let go of, and quickly too, when you really need to. So, why can’t we be more like that more of the time? But I had collected a clutter of grudges, worries, obsessions, concerns, material things. Some of these things are just on hold until this time in my life passes, but some of them are better left forgotten.

Hana is having a great day. She no longer has the nasal cannula. She’s off the Milrinone and dopamine. They might take her arterial line out today. She could, in theory, go onto the hospital floor, but they still want to get her Enalapril dose up without her blood pressure dropping so much. They are talking about moving her tomorrow! She is kicking and trying to sit up. She’s being stubborn about naps. She is about the same as two weeks ago except that she no longer has a cough (well, she is also getting all her meds and food through her feeding tube)! One thing that hasn’t changed is her heart. They did an echocardiogram yesterday and it showed no change from two weeks ago. Her heart is still enlarged. That’s good in that she is not getting worse, but it would be nice to see improvement, of course.

They lifted the isolation restrictions around lunchtime so we no longer have to wear gowns, gloves and masks!





11 thoughts on “Two Weeks Ago Today

  1. This is SO wonderful to hear, Kathleen! Any improvement is great, and she looks so much better; so great to see that beautiful little girl’s smile! Just being able to be with her without gowns, gloves and masks must feel amazing!! Continuing to pray for your sweet little one 🙂

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  2. Oh the smiles, so glad to see them back!!! Still praying for a recovery! I have hope and patience that she will recover. Love, peace and more prayers than ever!

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  3. Kathleen,

    I’ve been following this agonizing journey you are on for a little over a week. You are on our church’s prayer chain and Ken and I are fervently praying for little Hana for a miraculous healing; and praying for you and Paul, John and Marie and your family for strength, faith and courage for the times ahead. You are cared for by so many, many you don’t even know about. God bless you. Karen and Ken Truman

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  4. Love the smile! Love the fact that she is better and trying to sit up, play, interact! Fingers crossed her little heart starts recovering too! Hugs for both of you!

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  5. Your positive words dance in my head as I picture how happy this day must have been…her smiles in these pictures just melt over me…It must also be so nice to feel unrestricted from the gowns, masks and gloves…to really feel your beautiful baby!!! Such great news and hope to see more of Hana’s smiles in the hours and days ahead!! 😍 LUV and kisses to U, Paul and sweet Hana!

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  6. I am a lifetime friend of Matt Pentins mother, Sue Silva. I was with her when this news came. She shared the news with me while there and then we have been following your blog since returning to Oregon. We wrote Hana’s prayer on a board and the grandchildren walk by, pause, and say bless Hana and her family. We pray each day for her recovery and for strength for who I am learning are her amazing parents. I also sit outside in the sun and visualize Hana smiling and well. The pictures of her today with that big smile brought tears of joy. We will continue to pray. Blessings

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  7. Kathleen it is so true. Somethings we find clutter in our lives and noise that we are better off with. You and Paul are great parents and Hana is the most important of all. I am so happy to hear that she is stronger. We are continuing to keep Hana, Paul, and you in our prayers along with your extended family too.

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