The Most Amazing Thing

I was in the hospital cafeteria the other day when I ran into one of the fellows from the CVICU. She asked how our first day was in 3 West. After chatting a bit, she remarked how surprising it was to everyone on how quickly and how well Hana has gotten. It’s amazing the progress she has made from being life flighted here at Stanford, expecting to use emergency, life saving external pumps, to being moved upstairs to the intermediate unit in just two weeks. Hearing that some of the medical team is surprised gives me hope. It gives me relief. It IS amazing, but it is NOT the most amazing thing that has happened.

The most amazing thing that has happened is All Of You. All of you that are reading this blog, all of you spreading the word, all of you that have prayed, meditated, kept Hana in your thoughts, all of you that have sent cards, gifts, money, donated, raised funds, brought food, sat with us, took care of our personal affairs, all of you who have commented on the blog, sent texts, emails and voice messages. There are so many people who are rooting for Hana to get better, some of you we know very well and some of you we’ve never met or even heard of. There are people from all over the world who are following Hana’s updates – which is so opposite of Paul’s and my original inclination to give her a childhood of relative anonymity, free from Facebook posts! Yet, the width and depth of Hana’s support network has been awe inspiring and we would not be where we are today without it.

It has been the most amazing thing. It gives me hope. It gives me relief. It has soothed my aching heart and comforted my soul. I feel less alone, like all of you are helping to shoulder the enormity of it all. Here is a quote from Mother Teresa, There’s nothing more calming in difficult moments that knowing there’s some one fighting with you.”

We are so incredibly grateful.

Today Hana seems even better than yesterday! There will be no real changes except making another small decrease in her Ativan. Today I started learning how to give her medication through her feeding tube. My mom stayed with Hana in the hospital last night, so Paul and I could have an evening alone. We stayed in the cottage and I got my first full night’s sleep since July!



9 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Thing

    1. Hi Kathleen, This is Anne Heinze, Sue’s aunt from Chico. Tim, Joseph, Lydia and I just want you and Paul to know that we have been praying everyday for you both and for Hana. Sue sent us the link to this site, and we’ve been following it and praying together everyday. So glad you’re feeling the support. All our best, The Heinzes

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  1. Group energy is so powerful —– so glad to know that she is getting stronger and that you are getting a bit of rest as well…..

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  2. She really is doing SO well. We’ve had a number of cardiomyopathy babies at UVA the last six months and they were nowhere near as stable as Hana. Love that Mother Theresa quote. I definitely experienced that feeling this past week while we were at the Congenital Heart Legislative Conference in DC. So many people fighting together. ❤

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  3. I’m one of the people you’ve never met, although I think we may have briefly run into one another pushing our babies on the swings at Alamo Square. I check everyday to see how Hana is doing and how you and Paul are fairing. The love, strength and resiliency of your family is so powerful. I’m glad to hear that the well wishes of family, friends and neighbors can be a source of support for you. Sending love to all of you. – Jenny (Mom to Eli, age 3 and Jack, 10 months)

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  4. We are so proud to be walking with you in this journey of hope and healing. You two are amazing parents and little Hana is a fighter and I know that prayers from all of us are working. We are here for you anytime and I’m still looking forward to that walk on the beach with you and Hana and Sue and Travers.

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