March 2nd

Hana slept well and seems bored. I would be bored too. I think I’m getting used to all the noises in this hospital room because I seem to be sleeping better. I do wish Hana would sleep later than 5am! This weekend involved a lot of nice breaks for me. I snuck back home for the first time since leaving to go back to the pediatrician’s office. I got to see Poppy, which was great! It did feel weird walking down the street without Hana, I felt so empty handed. Paul took several long shifts with Hana – they are quite a pair!

Today they are weaning a little more of her Ativan. They are decreasing her sodium. They are beginning the transition from continuous feeds to a more “regular” feeding schedule. We will be allowed to offer her even more ounces by bottle later today. Her fluid intake will have to be watched very, very carefully. Tomorrow they will do another echocardiogram and chest x-Ray. I am glad of this because she has developed a small cough and it was a cough that brought us to the doctor in the first place. They will also take her PICC line out after tomorrow morning’s blood draw.

I need to make Hana’s six-month well baby appointment! I canceled the one she had because I thought we would still be in the hospital! It seems strange to think of taking her for a “well-baby” check up after all of this. The doctor’s here really want her to get her vaccinations as soon as possible and accelerate it when possible (a heart transplant would not allow her to get certain vaccines).

Thank you again for all your help, support and well wishes! We might get Hana out of the hospital this week!




4 thoughts on “March 2nd

  1. Wow!!! So much to be thankful for this week, and it’s only Monday!!!! Glad you were able to get home for a bit and see Poppy! Bet she was very waggy!
    Knock down one domino at a time this week… We will keep up the positive vibes;-))) ❤️✌️🙏


  2. Love this! Even just the possibility of her going home very soon is truly amazing! Praying, praying, and praying some more for little Hana!!

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  3. What an incredible fighting spirit Hana has! You and Paul are continuing to give her exactly what she needs. Much love as you all get ready to go “home”.


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