Hana Is Home

We just got home! It was a hectic day, especially trying to get all the medications from Kaiser that we need at home. Discharge from the hospital wasn’t too bad and Hana’s medical team looked very happy! It was almost like bringing home a newborn baby from the hospital again, only this time it’s all new in a different way!






12 thoughts on “Hana Is Home

  1. Yes yes yes!!! Thank God! Thank you to the medical team! God Bless Kathleen and Paul ! Truly happy to get this news!


  2. So happy for all of you. You will continue to be in our prayers. Get some rest and enjoy that little angel. She’s a trooper just like mommie and daddy.

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  3. Just learned about your blog and read the whole amazing story. Mind boggling how things can go so fast from normal to extraordinarily scary to at least hopeful. The pictures alone tell an incredible story. I’m so sorry what your family and particularly your beautiful Hana are going through, but fingers are crossed that each day is getting a little better than the last one, and so happy that Hana is now home!

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