It’s A Good Day When

The nights are still rather hard – I had to get up almost every hour for something. Maybe it was just to soothe a crying baby, change a diaper, or maybe it was to clean and fill the feeding bag, to turn off the feeding pump, or to administer medications. The day was still full of unpacking and getting organized, setting up tube feedings, dosing out and administering medications, fortifying milk and pumping. I think once I get into a routine it will be easier.

Hana had a pretty good day. She had a lot of smiles! We got our dog Poppy back this afternoon and we were able to walk her to the park. Hana has always loved being outside and I could tell she was enjoying being at the park. The big downer was that she vomited a lot again this evening. She got Paul pretty good. I had to call the on-call doctor at Stanford again. I think this time it may just be that her feeds were just too much volume. She was back to being her normal self within minutes, unlike the night before, so I wasn’t too worried. But I was still somewhat worried. I did, I do want to cry and maybe when there is a little more time I’ll let myself do that. I am wondering if the day will ever come that I can breathe a sigh of relief.

But, it was a good day. When I had Hana in the baby carrier or when I was
holding her I kept thinking how amazing it was to just hold her and enjoy her company. It is so amazing. It’s a good day when you get to hold your baby. Today was definitely a good day!




7 thoughts on “It’s A Good Day When

  1. I long to see this happy face! So glad to see her being herself. I could imagine how scary it is to see Hana gag and vomit. We had similar issue with my baby too. I hope things work themselves out quickly so that you can start having a bit more rest during the nights. A miracle has happened and more will continue coming your way! Keep visualizing it! Praying for all three of you!

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  2. It’s amazing how the simple things in life are so special. Little things like Holding your baby and walking in the park with your baby and dog. A lesson for all if us to appreciate simplicity more often.
    However, there is nothing simple about about Hana’s condition or her or her parents strength . Such an inspiration. When you feel drained….. Just lean back on the miracle in numbers to hold you up. Another lesson we all recently learned thanks to Hana!!

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  3. Wonderful that you get to hold your baby girl and wonderful for her that she got to be outside. May this continue in an upward spiral for all of you.


  4. As I go about my day, I think about all of u all the time….thoughts of each of u holding Hana and enjoying her giggles and oh yes her beautiful smiles..prayers of healing and recovery continue…much love ox


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