Today I got a lot of help! At one point there were three people here! We were really able to make a lot of progress and I was able to start opening a backlog of mail. We also got started on a very cool project for Hana that I hope to share tomorrow. Lots of packages arrived. A neighbor and friend walked Poppy. I had a good night’s sleep (relatively speaking, I was still up six times in the night) so I felt pretty good. Hana had a good day too. She did not vomit, although she seemed a little gaggy at the end of the day. We have our medicine area all set up and are getting organized. A friend, who is also a pharmacist, came over to give me pointers on getting Hana’s medications drawn up and ready. Tomorrow we meet with an infant feeding specialist who is also a speech pathologist.

Tonight, after Hana was asleep, I sat in the glider in her room and watched her. I felt sad. Earlier, I thought she was breathing fast, so I counted the number of times her chest rose and fell in one minute – it was 41 times, which I guess is still normal, even for resting. She looks so normal, she acts so normal, but I worry about the things that may be going on that I don’t understand well enough. That’s how it was before. She was in such a fragile state and I didn’t know, well, I didn’t know how bad it was. But she seems so good, when will that be enough to stop the worry?




6 thoughts on “Medicine

  1. Very happy and grateful for those who are with you! Thank you!
    Hana is such a peanut! Now starts a very fun time in infancy!!! They are squishy, giggly, rolly polly, drooly, smily, and very lovable!!!! Teething still an issue but it doesn’t override the cute! Enjoy it❤️✌️🙏

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  2. Thank you God for all of the help that kathleen is receiving! Thank you for bringing so many knowledgeable people into her life that can help her and also so many people who just want to love Hana . God, you know what Hana and her parents need before anyone else does, would you help to provide those needs before they even have to ask. Thank you for the times that you have already done this. Give Kathleen peace in her day when it is ok to just be. Give her peace to feel it is ok to have hope and trust in you. Give Kathleen and Paul the tools to know if there would be a time when they need more help. God, your own son endured suffering and we know that when we endure similar things as others, it can provide us comfort in knowing we are not alone. Would you help the family feel a closer connection to you as they endure these difficult times and changes in their lives. God thank you for the support of so many people in the Anderson and Yago families and friends circles, including classmates and past and present neighbors and coworkers and heart moms and dads and friends of friends of friends! God you are so good-thank you for letting us see the good through this time of suffering! I pray these things in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, amen. 💙💙💙

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  3. I am so glad to see you are receiving help in so many different ways. My prayers continue for Hana and you and Paul. So glad she is home and despite the worry, you can be together at home – in a comfortable familiar surrounding. God bless you.

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