Getting Help

Today and yesterday we started to get some more help. People brought food and came and helped do things around the house. Even though many of the tasks were very simple, like washing bottles, it made a huge difference. Not only does it lessen the stress and burden, but it gives me more time with Hana. I’m really needing that right now. I feel like the last several weeks were so harsh that now we need some extra time to bond. Hana has also been very clingy to myself or Paul, so maybe she is feeling similarly, or maybe she is just going through what normal six-month old babies go through.

Hana, temperament and health wise, is about the same. She vomited last night and this morning, but I also think I’m starting to lose track. She does have smiles and giggles for us and that is a lot of fun. Today I talked with a nutritionist who had some advice about Hana’s weight gain and what solid foods to introduce Hana to. This morning we actually gave Hana her first official solid food – avocado! (Her first unofficial food was lemon juice!) She was very interested and licked it right up (and played with it and smeared it all over). We will try some more tomorrow! As for me, I’m actually much more well rested because I slept through one of Hana’s middle of the night feedings, so I got four hours of sleep in a row! It really made a difference!




4 thoughts on “Getting Help

  1. Oh I can’t wait for more messy food pics!! Glad to hear you got some help and a little rest! Yesterday I got to hug your mom…we were both a mess! I know you guys miss her so much and she really misses you guys too. What an amazing mom…you both are! Love you all! 💙🍀💙

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  2. So nice that your friends are helping out. I’m sure you would do the same for them. Our grandson Brennan also started whole foods and avocado is one of the first introduced too. He loves it! Go figure, right?

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  3. Really glad to hear that help is there! I am grateful your friends and community are so generous! Thank you to those who are there for my family❤️ You are appreciated!
    Love to see the messy pics too! Yum avocado! ❤️✌️🙏


  4. Of course I’m just Paul’s cousin, but I too, like Dana, am grateful to all that are able to help out in CA!
    (how’s that for some southern lingo?)

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