Feeding Specialist 2

Today (well, now its officially yesterday) we took Hana to see the feeding specialist again. This time she was hungrier, too hungry, I guess because she just cried and cried. We started her feeding through the pump, just to get some food in her stomach to settle her hunger but it was too late. She settled down when the speech pathologist blew ten minutes worth of bubbles for her, which Hana enjoyed popping. But then she got hiccups. We tried a different bottle and it was a bust. We decided to try again with an appointment in a couple of weeks.

At home, she seems interested in the bottle, very interested, she just doesn’t seem to want to suck. Today we gave her some homemade pureed apples. This happened purely because the apples happened to be ready right at the time when we were ready to try some solids, otherwise it was going to be more avocado. She loved the apples and ate an entire teaspoon with no problems. She does seem a little shocked to taste!

All together, despite the failed feeding specialist appointment, Hana had a good day. She went down easily for naps and was smiling and content much of the day. She still likes to be held a lot. She still wakes up at night when the pacifier falls out of her mouth. I was able to get a couple of naps, which was refreshing. Our dog, Poppy, is doing much better. Paul is still sick. We had help today with meals and cleaning, including Rose who is here another day and has been working so hard to help us get ahead!


2 thoughts on “Feeding Specialist 2

  1. I’m so glad Rose has been there for the week —- too bad you don’t live closer in Bend. I’d love to hold the little pumpkin. She is at my favorite age

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