Heart Health

Yesterday I got to go on a run. Poppy went with me because she is feeling better. I had no baby and no guilt, just running in the warm weather. I felt so much better when I returned, rejuvenated. Paul and I had discussed weeks ago that we needed to be the model of heart health, if that is the lifestyle we wanted Hana to choose for herself. Running is part of that. Things like diet and exercise are part of that. But then there are the other things like stress and sleep. Those are important to heart health too.

I think we can help eliminate stress by living in the moment. That is my firsthand experience on how to deal, as best as possible, with stress.Ā  What is really going on in this moment? Do we really need to worry about things that haven’t yet happened? Sometimes, we do need to prepare for the future, but we do not need to live there. There is another part of heart health. Well, there are probably several other parts of heart health, but the one that was on my mind today, especially as I was jogging, was gratitude. I am grateful for another day with Hana. I got to see her smile and laugh and ride in her stroller amazed at the world. That was a beautiful thing to witness. I am grateful for all the amazing and wonderful people in my life. Today I was thinking about all the people who have helped out around the house this week. Several people came and did dishes and cleaned and moved things and did mindless tasks and brought us food and we are so, so grateful. Not to mention Rose being here all week, away from her family in Oregon and working hard and losing sleep to help us. It warms our hearts. I am in awe at the kindness and sincerity of the people who have rallied to help. I am so grateful. You are such an inspiration to me. It warms my heart and that is such an important part to our heart health, the part that is not about diet and exercise, but about receiving. Thank you.

Hana had a pretty good day. She vomited early in the morning and then a little later in the evening. She still has a cough that weights on my mind. It sounds different than before, so I tell myself it is different. We took her out in the stroller, in the big girl seat, not the car seat attached. She loved it! She loves being outside and seeing the world. I need to get her outside more! Unfortunately she also pulled her NG tube out this evening! Fortunately we seemed to get a new one in without much of a problem (other than a squirming, sputtering, coughing, flailing, crying baby).



3 thoughts on “Heart Health

  1. a HAPPY baby!!! And the cutest.
    Glad all of you are able to get outside and enjoy yourselves.
    I’ll bet you’ll learn so much more than you already have about heart health. Use your knowledge to share with others. God as a purpose in all of this. Who knows what, but I can see something in the works!
    And, again, Thinks Rose ! And to all those folks out in CA helping out in whatever way you have.

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  2. I’m so glad you are taking care of yourself! Very hopeful, indeed, and living for this moment is so very wise. And comforting.


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